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We have wide variety of colors that you are totally interested.

Residential Application

Harmony Residential Solid Surface is extremly hardwering and durable and transfroms your Residencial application throughout the day into universal function spaces. Comforatble,easy to care for and clean.

Commercial Application

Durable,long lasting , and easy to clean.Harmony Solid Surface wall claddings are ideal for commercial interior walls and coutertops.

Retails Application

Display and Cash Counters in shops themselves need to be apt to exhibit goods.we supplies Display and Cash Counters to come of the leading well-designed stores across the country.

Healthcare Application

Harmony Surface material can be molded into various shapes and designs according to the project of the architect to suit the healthcare interiors.

Kitchen Application

Moldings & cornice amongst other Harmony Solid Surface products have been part of the interiors of some of kitchen application

Bathroom Application

Our customized furniture is planned by the architect or designer,accoridng to the pattern and interiors of the space to be bathroom furnished.

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Solid Surfaces?

Modified Solid Surface is a hard, non-porous material that is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. With proper cleaning, the material does not promote the growth of molder, mildew or bacteria, which contributes to a healthier indoor environment. It creates long and wide continuing surfaces with no open or conspicuous joins. No dirt trapping joins or crevices to clean, just one continuous surface that looks and performs like one piece.

Guaranteed Works

We believe in work.We beleive in a Quality.We will proivde a best solid surface as you will require.


  • Easy to Fabricate
  • Durability&Stability
  • Easy Maintanance
  • Design & Aplications
These solid surfaces can be fabricated into any shape and can be joined without visible seaming line.
Excellent in both color and durability, these solid surfaces are the best choice as finishing materials for interiors. It is stronger than natural stone and will maintain its shape and beauty in any condition.
These solid surfaces are thermal stable. These surfaces are heat resistant, chemical resistant, stain resistant, UV stable and can stand all weather changes on interior applications
These solid surfaces are water resistant, which makes them easy to maintain and a perfect fit for damp areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.
It has a refined desgins And Unlimited Possibilites of Applications. These solid surfaces offer style that is comparable to natural stone or marble and can be used in any indoor application. With a wide range of colors and patterns, it provides elegance and aesthetic interiors.

Solid Surface Joint Adhesive

Harmony Solid Surfaces is the India’s first manufacturer of Solid Surfaces Adhesives. Solid Surfaces Adhesives are require color-matched adhesives for fabrication and installation. It is featuring a working time of 10-15 minutes and can be sanded and finished within an hour. We have availability of all matching tube with us. It is used for seamless joint.

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